A Note of Thanks

Blank card on envelope

Years ago a friend sent me a quick note after Thanksgiving. It was short and sweet and basically said that she was thinking of me on Thanksgiving and was grateful for our years of friendship, the adventures we shared and the promise of good times to come. It was so simple, but meant so much. It didn’t come with an elaborate Thanksgiving card or present. It was just a heartfelt gift of words that I have not forgotten.

We see messages to “Give Thanks” everywhere we turn right now, on social media, on television, in stores and advertisements. Sometimes it feels like we are being bombarded from every corner. But if this is the time of year that really does make you sit down and count your blessings, maybe there is an easy and authentic way to share your feelings.

Try to carve (sorry for the pun) an hour out of your day during the Thanksgiving holiday and think about the people who are important to you. Then let them know. Be prepared with note cards or slips of paper to write down your thoughts. If you are at a gathering, perhaps slip the notes onto the place settings at the table, or in a purse or jacket that you know is theirs. If they are not with you, write a quick note to send off in the mail this weekend. You can even send a quick text or email.

Think of how you would feel knowing that someone special to you had you in their thoughts on the day of the year set aside to be thankful. Telling someone that they are important in your life…can truly make someone’s day. They will give thanks for having you as a part of their life as well.