Thank You For Being A Friend

Card with "Thank you" on the front

Thanksgiving is the most wondrous of holidays and it has yet to become commercialized. There is only so much one can do with turkeys. But the truly special aspect of this American tradition is that the focus is not on getting, but giving. It’s even in the name. The day is truly all about giving, especially giving thanks.

One of the most memorable Thanksgiving gifts someone shared with me was when I received a note of thanks from a friend. It was totally unexpected and was such a pleasant surprise. The card wasn’t elaborate or fancy, it was just simply a note of thanks for being a friend. It meant so much and I remember thinking at the time that I wish I would have done the same for the special people in my life. It’s an easy way to make this holiday special, especially for those individuals who may not have family or friends to celebrate with on Thanksgiving Day.

If this is something that you think would bring a smile to someone you love, it is not too late. You can certainly find some nice note cards or even make your own. Send them off to one special friend or a multitude of people. It will bring to life the true meaning of Thanksgiving for you and those you love.