Celebrating Women in Business

Graphic depicting a crowd of women with the words "Women Owned"

March being Women’s History Month is not nearly enough recognition for the role that women play in the world. From homes to businesses, there is no debate on the value and impact that women have on our everyday lives and the future of society. For now, let’s focus on the  business world, as Hilgenfeld Mortuary is a successful and well-respected business, which happens to be women-owned.

Women tend to bring a diverse perspective and approach to business operations which can lead to innovative solutions and a better understanding of a diverse customer base. This can help prioritize inclusivity creating more employee satisfaction and a positive work culture. In businesses, such as the funeral services industry where families are facing incredible loss, women possess the skills to hone into their specific needs and tailor services accordingly. Women often demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in the face of challenges. This ability to navigate change is a vital component of providing the best in customer service.

Interestingly, women owned businesses have a high rate of engagement with their communities, strengthening and contributing to the overall wellbeing of their local area. These successful businesswomen serve as role models and sources of inspirations for others, encouraging more women to pursue entrepreneurship and leadership roles. That is a positive for any community!

Of course, women do not have the market on well-run businesses. The success and impact of any business, regardless of ownership, depend on leadership skills, business strategy, market conditions and a knowledgeable and skilled staff. Yet with most of business history being attributed to men, it’s nice to take at least one month every year to recognize the amazing contributions of women to advancements in the business world.