Instead of Looking Forward, Look Backwards

For me, moving from one year to another always brings with it a sense of optimism. I set about following resolutions I’ve made with the goal of improving myself and my life. Looking forward, leaving the past behind, always seems to feel good.

This year, I’m trying something different. Rather than focusing on what’s ahead, I’m taking an introspective look in the rearview mirror. What happened last year in my life? Good and bad? What lessons did I learn about myself and others? How have my actions changed the direction of my life to get me to the point I am?

This can be very hard to do, especially if you have lost someone dear to you in the past year. There is always the thought that “this year will be better.” It may, or it may not. What about the trials, disappointments, and devastations that you faced, and made it through? Was there something positive you gained amidst the sadness or frustration?

Most likely there was, and it takes a deep insight to find it. Can you tap into the strength that you found inside yourself or that which friends and family surrounded you? Can you use this insight to improve your life moving forward?

It makes sense to try and put aside the past when it hurts. But you have made it through this far, you will make it through the months ahead. Try to find a few shining moments on which to reflect. These lights of positivity and joy just might be the guide for your path forward allowing the past to stay where it belongs.