Playlists…The Modern Day Mixed Tapes

Drawing of Cassette tape with Words

It was in the late 80s and 90s that the mixed tape had its heyday. The hip-hop culture is credited with the invention of the mixed tape as a carefully crafted compilation of beat-matching songs in one continuous program. Interest quickly spread to the general public and mixed tapes became an iconic method of sharing thoughts and feelings through choice of songs. At one point in the mid-90s they were hailed by essayist Geoffrey O’Brien to be “perhaps the most widely practiced American art form.”

Nick Hornby’s book, “High Fidelity”, subsequently made into a hit movie starring John Cusack in 2000, brought to the forefront the importance of creating mixed tapes as a demonstration of love. Fast forward 20 years and we are now in the era of the playlist, basically a mixed tape in a new format. Today it is playlists that are used to share feelings of friendship, love and even grief or remembrance.

Memorial services often feature playlists of the loved one’s favorite songs. They are played at the service, sometimes accompanied by photos. But what if these playlists could be created and shared bringing forth memories through music? There are numerous music apps that allow you to create a playlist and share it with others or just to have for yourself.

Why not create a playlist in honor of someone you have lost in your life? The journey in making the list can be a way to help you through your grief and hopefully bring you joy through its creation and use over the years.

Photo credit – www.what’s Your