Veterans Benefits May Be Available For Your Loved One

American Flag Urns and Keepsakes on a table.

The families of veterans who have served our Country are entitled to certain benefits upon their death. Although over the years many of these benefits have been reduced due to budget cuts and lack of resources, there are still opportunities to specially honor those veterans, active or retired, who pass away.

Hilgenfeld Mortuary’s staff is trained to assist families to learn of the benefits available to families of veterans by directing them to the proper organizations that can provide assistance. If your loved one was a veteran, here are a few things to know.

  1. In some cases, monetary assistance may be available for burial related expenses, although over the years these benefits have not only decreased in amount, but also those eligible for these benefits have also been reduced. This financial assistance is specifically related to burial (marker, plot, and related services), not funeral expenses such as the casket, memorial service or other funeral home services.
  2. Military honors, although reduced as well, are still available and in almost all cases, a representative will present an honorary flag to the family. Many organizations have stepped in to provide some of the ceremonial aspects that are no longer available from the Veteran’s Administration. Hilgenfeld’s staff can assist families in reaching out to these organizations.
  3. Veterans are provided with the opportunity to be buried in a national cemetery. The closest to our region is Riverside National Cemetery. Veterans or their family members may receive a burial or cremation space, minimal burial container and grave marker, as well as the labor for no cost. Military honors may be available as well, based on availability and partnership with local military organizations.

Details on benefits currently available to veterans and their families are available by reaching out to the local OC Veterans Service Office, located at 1300 S. Grand Avenue, Building B, Santa Ana. Contact them by email: or by phone: 714.480.6555. Additional information on burial eligibility and other VA benefits can be found on the NCA website at or 800.827.1000.

Hilgenfeld’s website also contains more details on veteran’s benefits. Find the information on our Veterans Services page: Also, feel free to discuss this issue with your Hilgenfeld Mortuary family representative.