We Hope To Make Things Easier For You

Woman pointing at a casket catalog with her pen

When you lose a loved one, there are many arrangements that need to made at a time when you are faced with so many emotions. Our mission, when you enter our doors, is to help guide you through the funeral arrangement process with as much care and compassion as possible. It is not an easy time.

To help navigate some of the necessary components of planning a funeral, we have recently added a new section on our website that provides information to help you prepare for your arrangement meeting. This will alleviate the stress that often occurs when you find that you do not have the information that will allow us to proceed with your funeral and memorial plans.

We have created a Pre-Arrangement Meeting Checklist that can be downloaded from our website as soon as your appointment is made. This outlines all the information that you will need and provides guidance for things you may not have considered. Of course, we are also available prior to the appointment to address any questions before you meet with us.

We recommend that before your appointment, you log into our website and click on the Funeral Planning tab. These pages provide you with the information you to help you prepare.

After nearly a century in the funeral services business, our family has strived to assist you in every way possible as you traverse your way through this difficult journey. It is our goal to take as much of the burden out of your hands so you can find the peace to allow you and your family to focus on your grieving and healing.