What Has Changed Since 1927?

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As expected, much has changed in the funeral industry over the past century, as it has in so many other aspects of our world. The most significant, is the growth of the industry itself. These changes have impacted how individuals approach end-of-life planning and commemoration.

Dedicated funeral homes are now the norm, taking the place of in-home funerals. The industry has become highly professionalized with licensed funeral directors and embalmers who undergo formal education and training. These establishments now offer a range of services and facilities. In tandem with this, there is also more regulation which protects consumers rights and ensures ethical practices.

Funerals have become more personalized, allowing families to create unique and meaningful tributes to their loved ones. With the addition of technology, services can now be held online with participation of family and friends who are not in the vicinity of the services. Digital memorization products offer ways to preserve the services to view and share in future years.

One of the most impactful changes has been the advancements in embalming techniques. Extended preservation of the body allows for longer viewing periods, flexibility in setting times and dates for services and long distance transportation when needed. Burial options have also changed, with a wide variety of casket and burial vault options. There is a growing awareness of environmental sustainability in the industry, leading to the development of eco-friendly burial and cremation options.

Individuals also now have the option to pre-plan their funerals, making the decisions about their preferences in advance, which can ease the burden on their families.

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