What Else Is Covered By the FTC’s Funeral Rule?

Hilgenfeld Mortuary owners showing a customer a casket brochure

In addition to ensuring that price lists are updated and easily accessible to grieving families, the Funeral Rule regulations also cover specific areas of funeral services and products. These regulations ensure transparency of what can be an overwhelming number of choices and decisions.

  1. Customers cannot be required to purchase services or goods as a package. Families can choose goods and services that fit their needs.
  2. A separate price list must be included for caskets, detailing descriptions and pricing specifics. It must be clear that families may purchase caskets from an outside or third party source.
  3. Customers must receive a written statement (known as the Statement of Funeral Goods and Services Selected) after discussing funeral arrangements. This document summarizes the selected goods and services, prices, and any cash advances for items like flowers or obituaries.
  4. If a family has a pre-planned arrangement, the funeral home must provide a separate document that outlines the terms and conditions of the contract, including the right to cancel and any penalties or fees associated with cancellations.

The FTC is responsible for enforcing the Funeral Rule, and consumers who believe that a funeral home has violated the rule can file a complaint with the FTC. Hilgenfeld Mortuary, throughout its nine decades of service to the North Orange County community, has dedicated itself to strictly adhering to all regulations set forth by the Funeral Rule and ensuring complete transparency regarding its funeral services and pricing.

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