FTC’s Funeral Rule Provides Pricing Transparency

General Price List 3/10/23 - picture of Hilgenfeld offices

Families who have lost a loved one instantly find themselves faced with a number of decisions regarding funeral and memorial services. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Funeral Rule is a regulation in the United States that is designed to protect consumers during this difficult time. It requires funeral homes to provide consumers with certain information and pricing transparency to help them make informed decisions.

The primary purpose of the Funeral Rule is to ensure that funeral homes provide consumers with accurate information about funeral services and prices, allowing them to compare prices and make choices that suit their needs and budget. This includes a requirement to provide a General Price List to anyone who inquires about services. Hilgenfeld Mortuary publishes an updated price list on its website with a link on the home page. Paper copies of the price list are also available from the office.

The Funeral Rule helps protect grieving individuals and families from potential deceptive practices by funeral homes and ensures that they are fully aware of their rights and options when making funeral-related decisions. In our next blog, we’ll review additional aspects of purchasing funeral services that are regulated by the Funeral Rule