Pre-Planning – Why It’s Good For Your Family

Flowers resting on the hood of a white hearse.

Most of us have been through it at some point in our lives – that emotional upheaval when we lose a loved one, coming to terms with the void of his or her presence. When you think about the family you will leave behind and consider how making advance plans for your funeral and memorial services will benefit them directly.

Pre-planning protects family members by communicating your wishes clearly. This reduces the chance of disagreements and misunderstandings about how to proceed with arrangements. When you pass away, your loved ones will be grieving. Making decisions can add to their emotional state of mind. Pre-planning helps to alleviate this stress, allowing them to focus on healing and supporting one another.

When you opt for a pre-planned funeral, you take the financial burden off those remain. You are responsible for the financial aspects of the goods and services included in your funeral and/or memorial. You have the time to plan for these expenses, something that is usually not the case for those you love. Also, your pre-planning documents serve as a clear record of your wishes, there is no question as to what you would have wanted. It makes it easy for your family and our staff to carefully follow your instructions.

One last thing to consider. When you opt for pre-planning your own funeral, you open a door to discussion on the topic with your family and friends. This is a way to begin the conversation with one another, which is sometimes hard to do. Talking together and designing a memorial that allows everyone to share their thoughts and desires can bring a family closer and bring comfort when the time comes for the service to be held.

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