How To Keep Your Friendships Strong

Two young women on a couch talking

Finding new friends can be hard in today’s busy, technological world; keeping them presents its own set of challenges. What makes a friendship last? How many of us have friends from childhood or other long-ago phases in our lives? How fortunate if we do. There are things we all can do to hold onto our friends throughout the years.

To begin, it is important that you have friends with whom you are genuinely compatible. Showing interest in their lives, listening, and learning about what makes them happy or sad, is easier when there is a common understanding about what matters in life. Here are some ways to hold onto a friend who is special to you.

  • Communicate openly and honestly and be open to compromise.
  • Make time for your friend and be sure that he or she makes time for you. No one likes to  be the only one to initiate. If you alone are keeping the friendship alive, this might be time to test that good communication with a discussion about what your friendship means to one another.
  • Loyalty and trustworthiness should be held in high regard, keeping in mind the golden rule.
  • Stay connective and supportive during difficult times in your friend’s life. Friends can be the solid lifeline for people who are suffering from a loss, experiencing grief, or facing a stressful or challenging decision.
  • Celebrate your differences and share new ideas. Encourage one another to pursue dreams and goals. It’s always nice to have a cheerleader as you forge ahead with something new.

Friendships are two-way streets. By staying true to yourself and appreciating both the qualities and quirks of a friend, you can navigate through the milestones, celebrations, challenges, and shared experiences that lie ahead. Friends evolve, but by investing time, energy, and care, you can maintain those strong connections of friendship that are one of life’s most treasured gifts.