Bring the Ocean Inside

Painting of Ocean with seagulls and seagrass

Our last blog talked about how the physical presence of the ocean can provide a sense of calm and peace to those who are hurting. Using our senses, we are able to take the grace and magnificence of the sea to help us work through emotions that are hard to deal with in our usual surroundings. But what if a visit to the ocean is not available to you? How can you benefit from its calming effects, when you can’t touch the warm sand, feel the water or taste the salty air? Your only option is to bring the sea to you.

Although it may sound trite, placing art or photos of seascapes and actual items from the beach, such as shells, around your home can indeed spur on feelings of calm when you pause and engage your imagination. Closing your eyes and remembering can bring the sensations you felt when you were last at the ocean back into the forefront of your mind and create a sense of calm. Additionally, finding an app or soundtrack that features the sounds of the sea has also proven to be a good way to relax or even fall asleep.

In so many ways, the ocean can be seen as one of nature’s most magnificent healers. It just takes the courage to let your imagination and senses take you away to a place where you can feel at peace and ready to address the feelings and emotions ruling your heart and mind.

For some ideas of how to use your imagination to tap into this calming, we suggest Sonia Zadro’s complete article The Healing Power of the Ocean at:

Seascape art by Sally Swatland.