Choosing a Career That Cares For Those Who Have Passed

Gloved hands holding onto the base of a casket

Our local Cypress College, has been rated as one of the top ten schools in the country for individuals who wish to pursue a career in Mortuary Sciences. Although there are several colleges that offer an associate degree in the field, Cypress College is only one of a few colleges in the country that offers a Bachelor of Science in Funeral Services. Cypress College also offers an associate degree, which is a prerequisite for applying for the bachelor’s degree.

The new four-year program started in 2017, as part of a pilot program created by the California State Legislature. Cypress College is one of 15 community colleges in the state to offer four-year, bachelor’s degree programs. The school is the only school in the western United States to offer this degree in Mortuary Science. The Hilgenfeld family has been instrumental in the on-going development of the program at Cypress College, with family members serving on the Department’s Board of Directors for many years.

The bachelor’s degree curriculum focuses on students who are looking to make a career in the industry as a funeral service practitioner, advancing their opportunities to enter the field. It prepares them for the state licensure, which is required to practice at certain levels of the industry. To advance in the industry, a bachelor’s degree is often required and now students living in California can complete their schooling here at home.

Working in the funeral services industry isn’t for everyone. But for those who choose to pursue this field, most cite the ability to be present when someone needs compassion and care. This is what draws them in – being able to make a difference in the lives of those left behind when a loved one is lost.