Do You Speak the Language of Flowers

Watercolor of Pink Flowers in a Vase

Several years back I read a book entitled “The Language of Flowers” written by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I enjoyed the read, but mostly due to the fascinating aspect of learning about the symbolic meaning behind flowers and the reasons they are shared with others.

In doing some research on the subject, I came across information from the Farmer’s Almanac. They have an extensive list of flowers and their sentimental value. The article describes the history of attaching sentimental meanings to flowers, stating that it goes back centuries and reaches almost every culture of the world. It mentions that in Victorian days many homes had a book on hand to follow the meaning of flowers, whether giving or receiving.

I found tracking down this information to be really fun and interesting. For instance, did you know that baby’s breath symbolizes everlasting love, I thought that was a rose. Well, it is to some degree, a red rose means I love you, pink, symbolizes happiness and white portrays innocence. Now you will find that many lists and charts may assign different meaning to different flowers, but if you find one that fits for how you feel about flowers, it might be nice to refer to the chart when you next choose to send someone a bouquet. This way you’ll be sure to send the right message with your floral choice!

Learn more about the language of flowers at: Farmer’s Almanac’s list at: