Find Your Spot

Bench next to trees and a lake

While on a morning walk recently, I came across a woman quietly seated on a bench under a tree. She was looking out over a view of rooftops and foothills. I didn’t see anything in particular that might catch her gaze. If I looked carefully, I could see Mt. Wilson and the Los Angeles skyline. More than where she was, I got to thinking, why she was here? It was such a perfect spot for quiet and contemplation. I wonder what had brought her to this place and hoped that it was providing whatever solace she might need.

Our everyday lives are so full of distractions of all sorts. How often do we take the time just to sit quietly, in a place where we feel safe and can let our thoughts roam?

To where are you drawn? Is it on towel in the sand with a sea breeze and the soft sound of the waves? Perhaps it’s a table or bench in the shade of a beautiful canopy of leaves from an oak or magnolia tree. It might be by a stream or small lake in a nearby park or in quiet of your own backyard. The important thing is that you have somewhere that you can call your spot, your place to free your mind to create, to contemplate or heal. Everyone needs a spot. Where’s yours?