Choosing A Charity to Designate For Memorial Donations

"A time to Give" sign

Flowers at a memorial service add a special loving touch of remembrance from families and friends. It is a beautiful way to honor the passing of a loved one and can bring solace and joy to surviving family members. However, the idea of managing an overwhelming amount of flowers during and after the service often encourages families to request charitable donations in lieu of flowers.

Choosing the right charity for a memorial donation can be difficult. If your loved one pre-planned their funeral arrangements, a decision as to which organization to designate may have already been made. But if not, where do you start to find the right charity?

First of all, there may be a cause, charity, church, alma mater or nonprofit organization that was an integral part of your loved one’s life. You may even choose to provide more than one option. But if you are unsure where to direct donations, there are a few places to help you discover just the right match.

Online resources can provide valuable information in the search for a responsible charity. Below are a few recommended websites that cover literally millions of charities. Most have an alphabetical list of charities to browse or the ability to search for details on a specific charity you may already have in mind.

The task of finding the perfect match for a memorial charity can be challenging. As you plan the service, consider asking a family member or friend to take on this project. It will help to have others involved in just one of the many decisions you are faced with during this difficult time.