• Chuck Champlin

    Birth: December 23, 1962 | Died: December 5, 2022

    Chuck Champlin was born in Ohio. His family moved from Ohio to San Pedro, California in 1975, where he grew up with his younger sister, Pamela. It was there that Chuck grew to love the California vibe that would shape him into the person we knew and loved. Throughout high school, he was always eager to catch that good swell before class. He loved surfing with his friends. His favorite band was Led Zeppelin - he actually attended a few of their shows in person. Chuck was a true friend. He maintained loyal friendships dating back to his high school years. He was very dedicated to keeping his relationships right with everyone he met. Chuck helped give birth to a beautiful miracle child, Erin; which fulfilled his ultimate goal in life of being a father. He cared about people no matter their background or situation. From volunteering for the special olympics, to working alongside the Lakewood Sheriff department, to becoming block captain of the year in Lakewood, he always made it a point to look out for others. He loved traveling, visiting Amsterdam and Holland, as well as national state parks. He enjoyed going to wineries, but still loved the bar more. His love for Orca Whales was beyond any other. He truly felt that they were his spirit animal. He met his first orca whale at one of his favorite jobs, Marineland, where he worked right out of high school. One thing about Chuck is, he lived to the fullest. He didn’t care about what other people thought and if he wanted to do something, he put his mind to it and did it. Chuck was the biggest San Franscico 49ers fan you’ve ever met. His dedicated mindset took him places in his career from being a manager at Rusher Heating & Air Conditioning, to an Event Manager for CSC, where he devoted the last 21 years of his life. Chuck only wanted to work at Angel Stadium, which he considered his second home. Working the World Series in 2002 was a huge highlight in his life. Another highlight was in the pandemic of 2020, when Chuck and Evelyn married on his birthday. The love they shared could be felt by everyone around them, and radiates throughout time and space to this day.


    He is preceded in death by his father Charles Champlin Sr. He is survived by his wife, Evelyn; daughter, Erin; mother, Rev Sandi Willis-San Paolo; sister, Pamela; and his three nephews; Michael, Steven, and Charlie.

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