• Ophelia Godoy

    Birth: March 22, 1925 | Died: August 9, 2023

    Ophelia Godoy, 98, of Fullerton, passed away August 9th, 2023, with her son, Jess, and daughter in-law, Teri, by her side. She is survived by her only son, Jess 65, and one granddaughter, Angela. Ophelia was born on March 22, 1925, in El Paso Texas. She was the youngest of eight children. Born during the great depression and losing both parents at age 4, she was raised by her older brother, Eduardo. She was reminded how important going to school was for her. Ophelia completed as much schooling as possible. She was gifted with very good spelling and beautiful penmanship.

    In the late 40's she met the love of her life, Jesus P Godoy, who she loved for 80 years. They married before he left to serve in WWII, when returned she introduced him to Mr. Fontana, a very wise older Italian who was very business savvy. In time they both went into the liquor business with Mr. Fontana and ran a very profitable and successful business. One special gift Ophelia received from Mr. Fontana was to learn to cook, especially Italian and fish meals. Her quote was, "I had the best teacher" and she perfected her cooking skills.

    When Ophelia conceived her one and only child Jess, she changed to become a stay-at-home mother. Ophelia was living a good and happy lifestyle, raising her son who gave her so much joy and nothing else mattered. However, on April 27, 1972, her husband passed away and was forced to get back to work, she eventually sold the business years later. Ophelia had few odd jobs, however one she loved very much which was in the clothing business. Again, Ophelia managed both responsibilities very well working and being a terrific mother.

    When she retired, Ophelia sold her Downey house and moved Kimpel Manor in Fullerton. She loved the new beginning being with other seniors, made lots of good friends and enjoyed her new independent lifestyle. Her past time was spent cooking, reading and listening her favorite music "ratpack" and watching those good old movies. Her last few years became more difficult, but she was extremely strong and her love for her son was her entire life.

    She will be greatly missed.

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