What Else Is Left To Do?

White Flowers

There are a few miscellaneous items to finish up before your memorial service is well and truly planned.

Printed programs help attendees follow along and also can include additional information that you want to share. Most funeral homes can provide programs and will cover these details when you first meet with them to make arrangements.

Flowers can add a beautiful touch to your memorial service. Florists have specific types of arrangements including casket sprays and standing displays designed for funerals and memorials. Information on selection and prices will be available from your funeral director. Friends or extended family members may also order flowers for the service. Think ahead as to whom you may want to share these arrangements with after the service has concluded.

In lieu of flowers, many families encourage donations to specific charities. If this is the case, it is best to decide on one or two organizations prior to the service and include their information on the memorial program.

Prior to or following the memorial service, there may be other events that you want to share with those in attendance. Families may hold a viewing, either private with a limited invitation list or open for anyone to attend. Rosary services are also sometimes held prior to the actual memorial service. Following the service families may choose to include attendees in a graveside service. If attendees are invited to any of these events, it is best to include the location and time on the informational materials you send out about the service and in the memorial service program.

A reception or celebration of life gathering may follow a service. This is often held at the home of a family or friend. Be sure to include all necessary information in the memorial program or have a separate flyer with details of time and location. This provides needed details without attendees having to ask.

We hope this series has answered some of the questions that arise when faced with planning a memorial service. Truly the best way to ensure your loved one has a memorial service that is just right for them is to talk ahead of time. Ask these questions and start a dialogue. You can also encourage pre-planning. Knowing their wishes gives you a big head start on the planning.

Whether or not you are looking for advanced planning, or planning a service upon the death of a loved one, our staff will provide guidance and advice through the entire process from start to finish.