Becky Areias in Lobby of Hilgenfeld Mortuary

Hilgenfeld Mortuary Celebrates 95 Years

This month marks our 95th anniversary; it is just short of a century that we have been here to serve families in our community during some of the most difficult times of their lives. We could not be prouder.

What my great-grandfather, Reverend Samuel Hilgenfeld, started in October 1927, has been the central focus of my life, as well as that of my mother and grandfather before me. Carrying on the leadership for a fourth generation of our family-run business is an honor that means so much to me. I grew up knowing the importance of compassion for all who seek our services and how taking the time to understand each family’s grief will provide solace through difficult times.

Through the years, the number of all challenges faced by our community have been numerous and varied. We’ve lived through wars that have taken many lives, economic downturns, political upheavals and most recently a devastating global health crisis. Each and every challenge has impacted our business, some more than others. I witnessed the family leadership before me and used their examples to continue to serve those in our community with the compassionate care they deserve as they face loss.

Today, after an unprecedented and challenging time over the past few years, I continue to be extremely proud of our staff for maintaining the mission set forth by my great-grandfather. I am also ever so grateful for the thousands of families we have served over the years and look forward to Hilgenfeld Mortuary’s future of service to the community.

With gratitude,


Becky Areias, President