What She Learned From Her Mother

Hilgenfeld Mortuary Owner's Family Portrait

Being a fourth-generation owner of a family business carries with it a great sense of pride as well as obligations. Although there are many challenges that come with business ownership, Becky Areias, president of Hilgenfeld Mortuary, has always felt confident running the family business in the spirit that it was founded by her great-grandfather. This she credits mostly to the guidance from her Mother.

“The mortuary business has always been a part of my life, like my mother before me, her father and her grandfather,” said Becky. “I grew up following my mother and father to work and now I actually am following in my mother’s footsteps by taking over as president just before she passed away in 2015. Mom is the one who taught me most of what I know about running our business, being a responsible member of a business community and serving our clients to the best of my ability.”

When asked the question, “What were the most important things that you learned from your mother,” Becky responded easily.

  1. Always put God first.
  2. To deal with grieving families with a genuinely sympathetic heart.
  3. How to truly care for others.
  4. If you make mistakes in life, it is okay, as long as you learn from them.
  5. Nobody owes you anything.
  6. It might be difficult to succeed as a woman in funeral service, but if I keep going and stay strong and I will succeed.

For those who know of Becky personally, and of Hilgenfeld Mortuary’s reputation in the community, it is obvious, that Becky listened to her Mother.


Our next blog will cover how both Becky and her mother, Margie Hilgenfeld Field, have successfully traversed through a male-dominated industry.