It’s Always A Good Time

Woman hugging two children

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, a time honored tradition that sets aside a particular day each year to make sure we remember to appreciate all those who have played a mothering role in our lives, our mothers and grandmothers, the mothers of our children and even our friends.

Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia is credited with originating Mother’s Day with a memorial for her mother in May 1907. Within five years virtually every state was observing the special day and in 1914 Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday. The holiday soon grew to include sending cards and giving gifts. Oddly enough, Jarvis spent the last days of her life trying to abolish the holiday in protest against its commercialization.

The evolution of Mother’s Day and how it has transformed over the years brings to mind its real purpose – to show our gratitude for someone who has dedicated her life to shaping ours. And with that comes the thought – why only on one day?

It’s always a good time to show our appreciation for those we love, whether our mother, our father, our children, spouses, siblings or friends. So maybe the real purpose of Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, is not to express our thoughts just on the day, but to remind us that any time is the right time to reach out and say I love you, thank you, you are the best; making the message even more special as it comes on just an ordinary day.